Thank-you for your interest in donating to our ministry! Below, you have the option to donate via PayPal or Dwolla. We like Dwolla because it is a much lower cost option however we know that many people are more familiar with PayPal. Therefore, we have both options available. Rest assured, Dwolla is completely safe!


If you would like to make a reoccurring donation to our ministry, please use the form below and click the subscribe button. Thank-you.

Donation Amounts

To use Dwolla, you will be asked to create a profile. Just as with PayPal, this only needs to be completed once. You will have to verify your bank account (no credit/debit cards) either instantly (by logging in to your online bank account) or by 3-day verification. The three day verification will deposit a few amounts of money (usually less than $1) into your account. Then you will login to your Dwolla account to report the amounts and you will be all set! Thanks for taking into consideration a lower cost option for our ministry!

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